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Ok! Warcraft Trailer is out! It’s epic, it’s dramatic and thousands upon thousands of gamer fans have been waiting for it. But here is what scares us. A little. There is zero star power. Your #1 draft picks are Travis Fimmel (Ragnar from History Channel’s Vikings) and Ben Foster (Sheer brilliance in 3:10 to Yuma & Lone Survivor)….

Being a creative doesn’t give you the permission to shut your client out! We’ve done several web commercials for The Home Depot. We love working with them! Recently we had the opportunity to feature a new tool line and some print ads for their private brand, Husky. Check it out! Then we’ll share 4 sure ways you can make…

Value is often described as something’s worth or usefulness. Price is defined as the cost of something in order to achieve a desired end. Things have a price but may or may not have equal value. Too often, video companies drop their prices in order to book the work versus providing their clients (you) with true value. Granted, you may be looking…

We aren’t sure. But Volvo thinks they do. In this epic video, Volvo paints a clear picture for you to witness how smooth and stable  their vehicular systems are. They are matching the limitations of a human being to their near perfectly crafted driving system. What did you get from the commercial? More than 40 million people watched Jean…

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