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We nailed it! Lately, by the grace of God, our team has been nailing it when it comes to video content. As Andy Stanley explained in his ‘Your Move’ podcast, you should pause and find out why you are gaining ‘momentum’ – or ‘winning’ – as an organization. It’s necessary to take quality time to analyze exactly what you did to…

You made some videos for your company. But… no one cares.  Your staff, your mother and your best friend’s neighbor’s dog walker’s half-cousin ‘Liked’ it on Facebook. Sad. There are several reasons why your video content is not being watched, but here’s our top 4. They can’t find it! Video content, just like any other content,…

The numbers don’t lie. Which is a good thing. In 2013, ReelSEO released some mind-blowing stats painting us a clear picture of how much video marketing is being used in business. 93% of marketers are using video in their campaigns 60% of site visitors watch a video before reading any text 88% of visitors stay longer…

Lawd! We are so tired of fancy cameras that have one amazing feature, but CAN’T RECORD INTERNALLY. Canon just revealed it’s new 35mm sensor, Full-HD camera – the new Canon ME20F-SH. To be fair, 4 million max ISO is very impressive. I could marry that feature alone, but is it worth $30k for that one special feature? The new design…

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