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Creative Director/Producer
Creative Director/Technical Lead
Director of Post Production

We just returned from NAB 2016 and got to put out hands on Black Magic’s new DaVinci Resolve 12.5. A major upgrade! What were we looking for? When DaVinci Resolve 12 released, we were excited about their new editing suite, but found it was still too new to drop our current editing systems (Premier & FCPX) in hopes to use one…

What a win! This friendly and trendy consultative video could not have turned out any better for Mavens Collective! Made simple, yet intentional in capturing the infectious vibe of these two brilliant marketing consultants. We teamed up with the Mavens to create a stunning landing page video that highlighted their super-friendly personalities and spoke to the strong…

You might not think this, but the location in which you shoot your talent really matters. We dare to say that the location is just as important as the video’s message and quality. Be intentional. We are often asked to shoot interviews in the client’s office. It makes total sense. If it’s a marketing video about the client’s product of…

It’s simple. The storytellers here created perfect imagery needed for the audience to truly feel the subject matter. It doesn’t end there. Once they established the desired emotion from us, they connected that imagery to a real world application and successfully pitched their product. Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation. According to the Blaze, the winner of the Gouden Loeki award for the best commercial from the…

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